What’s all this about ECOnomist WATCH?

You might wonder why this blog is in plain English. Simple, it is the lingua franca of global capitalism, if you like it or not. Further you might question what economists have to do with health care policy. Also here the answer is straightforward. As you know from my home domain to talk about health care policy and politics is to be apt to know about economics. Therefore, it is necessary to read, listen or watch hot topics in Global Political Economy. And this is it what the blog is about.

It’s called ECOnomist WATCH for three reasons. Firstly, it comments and raises questions about the issues and themes delivered and reported in the leading global geopolitical magazine, The Economist, which has been setting standard geopotical as well as geoeconomic arguments for the leading political, economic and cultural elites of ‘Western Capitalism’. In other words, it is helpful and enlightning to scrutinize the reports, comments and studies of the periodical Economist’s issues.

Secondly, the double acronym could be read as ECO…WATCH, which encompasses not only economics but also ecology. And to be sure, in The Economist there is a lot talk and blue ink committed to ecological issues. To discuss and deliver thoughts about the recent and coming ecological issues for mankind is as important as it is to speculate about the next financial bubble. They are related as everybody will know – at least since the publication of Naomi Klein’s mastera piece of “This Changes Everything. Capitalism vs. Climate” and the rise of a young Swedish activist to global representee of the next generations’s politics. Not to talk of Covid-19…

Finally, economy and ecology belong together as politics and economics do. And economics is not just about growth and innovation it is also about social justice and freedom for all. Therefore, the blog is accompanied by background information you might find useful to read from time to time. There I will introduce and deal with some politicoeconomic concepts of heterodox origin, contrasting them to orthodox views of global capitalism. This wachting work is listed and organized around the statist drop-down-menues on the left side of the starting page. So let’s start and have fun.